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Autodrive (this is NO Taxi mod)

by Cyron43


by _hax

Execution Mod v2.1

by 123iamking

Visual Vehicle Spawner

by 123iamking

All weapons mod

by 123iamking

Money Organizer (Open Source)

by Aquilon96

Left 4 Liberty: Infection v4.1

by motorsport71

My Super Mega Trainer

by StevorNtheHouse

Minigun V Style

by ac.amir and JulioNIB

Yoga Flyer

by Krlos_Rokr

Fly Around Liberty

by 4ryan

Ultimate Camera Control 1.0

by gtamchaos

Games for Windows Live Protection Disabler

by Alexander Blade

BulletTime 1.8 [LAST VERSION]

by ZeroCool

Crimson Mecha v1.0

by metalwars

Ride Along

by Aquilon96

Air Combat IV v1.5.1

by JulioNIB

True GTA V Weapon Wheel Controls

by DRUZZRIN12296

CreatorMod Z Beta

by nixolas1

Pedestrian Mod

by _hax

XMC v6 PC Edition (original)

by Emmanuel Utomi & xStormsnoutx

Real Inside View [RIV] v1.2

by Slyde

Custom safehouse and garage script v1.1

by JulioNIB

Captain America IV

by Rugz007, Andromono Jumper & Julio NIB

Parked Cars & Traffic Control

by Skorpro

Kuruma Script v.2.0

by Rugz007

Simple Hunger mod

by LetsPlayOrDy

Radio presets

by jpm1


by nixolas1

GTA V Radio HUD script

by JulioNIB

Organ Trafficking

by BR_Goianiense

Hell Fury

by motorsport71

Interactivity Mod 0.1 Beta

by odiomoratti

Car Spawner 1.25 (Open Source)

by Solarix

SkyLift Mod Online (fixed)

by nixolas1

Peacful Mod

by Clement_Attlee

Throwing Knives

by InfamousSabre

SilentShoot v2 Beta

by Nevitro & h3xperiment

Undertaker service

by Cyron43

Iron Man Script MKIII

by H1Vltg3

Nitro Mod 2.5

by sjaak327

Firefighter mod by gangrenn - version 0.8

by gangrenn

Brain Control: Mind Garbage

by 123iamking

Execution mod v3.4

by 123iamking

Everything Car v1.2b

by daimyo21

Farnsworth's Shooting Range

by Prof_Farnsworth


by ZeroCool

Back to the Grand Theft Auto Ultimate Mod 1.0

by sersorroza

Spawn Ladders and Wall Climb[Updated]

by matt19811

Train Driver Mod

by V-Driver

Kidnapping v1.2

by BR_Goianiense