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SilentShoot v2 Beta

by Nevitro & h3xperiment


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Added:2013-08-20 22:56:43 -0700

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This is the original SilentShoot mod written by Nevitro. I (h3xperiment) have added some major fixes that improve the functionality. This mod allows users to suppress weapons so that pedestrians will not react unless within a certain range (much like in GTA:SA). This script is by no means perfect but is passable. Hopefully releasing it to a more broad user base will allow the remaining bugs to be fixed and functionality to be added. Requires ScriptHookDotNet v1.7.1.7 Tested on GTA IV v1.0.7.0 INSTRUCTIONS Simply extract the archive and copy SilentShoot_v2.Beta.cs to \Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\scripts (that folder may not exist in which case just create it). MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ScriptHookDotNet v1.7.1.7