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CreatorMod Z Beta

by nixolas1


Category:Script Mods

Added:2011-04-16 06:36:09 -0700

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*THIS IS A BETA* A new building mod for IV/EFLC that is much more than building! Special features like: -Easy and effective object building, with keyboard or mouse, with custom object cam -Edit In-Game objects in the city -Create mega structures easily, like loops, spirals, bridges, jumps etc. -Add events to objects, so they explode or become invisible if you are near them or shoot them, or press a button. If the mod has some "Missing d3d9_42.dll" looking error, download this and extract it to game folder: Creating your world doesn't have to take 7 days :P Enjoy! Finished version might take a while, in the mean time, please report bugs, suggest features and objects to be added, and READ THE README! Press alt+insert to enable/disable For interested coders, here is main code source: