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XMC v6 PC Edition (original)

by Emmanuel Utomi & xStormsnoutx


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-02-05 11:27:51 -0800

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File Size:14.26 MB

Download Link:1423164471_xm_cv6_pc_editionoriginaland_modloader.rar


Hello Guys, this is XMC v6 which has been coded by Emmanuel Utomi and been released on Cosy and me converted it(still in progress) to PC. You maybe think that this already has been posted by "Im HaxoTV" but that was just an edit of my old converted XMC v4 PC Edition(he renamed that to XMC v6). Here is a proof video(Video: He also uploaded a Video of my the old XMC v4 Menu on youtube where my credits still were on. !!I dont care if you dont believe me cuz i know who the DEVS of the Menu were and im 100% sure "Im HaxoTV" was not a DEV on that menu!!! Anyway here you go: How to Open: Open the Modloader: BUTTON_BACK(if using XBOX Controller) or F5 on Keyboard How to open XMC v6: LB + RB(In the current version we still not have converted the PC Controlls(But they will be in the next update)). How to install this: Put the two imgs to (GTA IV path)/common/data/cdimages Video of XMC v6(XBOX version): Happy Modding!