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Visual Vehicle Spawner

by 123iamking


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-02-28 03:48:44 -0800


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Work with all GTA4 (GTA4, TBoGT, TLaD) Use the cursor to create the vehicle easier and faster. Episodes' exclusive vehicles included. And more... All vehicles in your pocket Install Instruction: Put the mod into the scripts folder - Done! Usage: Ctrl+Shift+F1: Open Vehicle Spawner IV window You can use mouse to navigate items on the lists or can use the following key: W or Up arrow: go to upper items S or Down arrow: go to lower items Enter or F: create that vehicle again (change model or color) Space: change camera Left Ctrl or Right Ctrl: Open or Close cars doors Check video below for preview & usage. Preview & Usage video: Go to my blog to get the mod: