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Hell Fury

by motorsport71


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Added:2011-02-02 21:15:51 -0800

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Hell Fury Allows you to Spawn a Hellfury motorcycle that you can set on fire, and impervious to it. As you drive a long a trail of fire follows as bright light illuminates objects around you. Once you toggle it off, the motorcycle will burn for a short bit but will heal and not explode. For Niko you have an Invincibility mode that starts off with him "On Fire". You need it to ride the Chopper. Also, I gave him "Fiery Gaze" which makes peds and vehicles within 30 (or so) feet in front of you catch fire. If you use Fiery Gaze and keep moving it knocks out Nikos flames, but he is still invincilble. Comes with INI to set button Configurations. Read README. F8: THE MOD DOESN'T ACTIVATE ON STARTUP, YOU HAVE TO PRESS F8. IT DOESN'T TOGGLE OFF YET H: Makes Niko Invincible With Flames - Sets Niko ablaze with Invincibility. If Player uses Fiery Gaze the flames go out but player stays Invincible. DON'T FORGET TO MAKE NIKO INVINCIBLE BEFORE USING ANY OTHER PART OF THE MOD, IF NOT YOU'LL GET BURNED! B: Fiery Gaze - Every Ped and Vehicle you look at (In front of you) within 30 feet will set on fire. G: Spawns A Hellfury Motorcycle - Just the vehicle. The HellFury Effect Needs a Hellfury motorcycle to dwell in. Y: Summons The HellFury Effect - Causes the motorcycle to catch fire and glow bright. A trail of fire engulfs and follows the motorcycle. When the effect is turned off the vehicle will still be on fire, but won't explode the flames will slowly extinguish. requirements: GTA IV version GTAIV .Net Script Hook v1.7.1.6 BETA (Or Newer) ASI Loader (I use Xliveless 0.999b7)