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Suicide Bomber v1 [.NET Bomb Mod]

by GTATerminal

GTATerminal's Fuel Mod v1 [.NET Fuel Mod]

by GTATerminal

IV Hostages [.NET Hostage Mod]

by GTATerminal

Dragon Garage V2 Script support ++

by Krlos_Rokr, JulioNIB

Bicycle script mod

by Yeardley Diamond, Bob Lester, emad-tvk and JulioNIB

Pee mod

by 123iamking

Ragdoll Mod v1.0.3.0

by HippieCommunist

Museum and Bank Robbery Mod v1.0.3

by HippieCommunist

EFC20 Error Fix

by Alexander Blade

GTA IV Control Center

by saracoglu

Wanted in LSD Uniform

by HippieCommunist

Niko Rocket Mod

by Rapier

GTA IV Powerful Mode Mod

by Rapier

GTA IV Bodyguard Mod

by rappo

Ride Along Mod

by rappo

Touch of Death

by rappo

No Reload

by rappo

Airstrike Mod

by rappo

GTA IV Alice mods pack

by Box_factory

Bullet Spread/Recoil Fix

by jenksta

GTA IV Alice mods pack 2

by Box_factory

Bullet Spread/Recoil Fix v1.1

by jenksta

Personal Vehicle V1.1

by Wiebrendh

Fly Mod v1.0

by 123iamking

Call for Rickroll

by Mora Hannover

Sad Violin Death Music

by Mora Hannover

Choir Music Mod

by Mora Hannover

V Style Ambient In Air Music

by Mora Hannover

+Centered car camera v1.2.1

by JulioNIB

Juggernaut v1

by GTACr4zy

APC Script

by Tegar.a.n

Team Changer

by Solarix

Javelin/Stinger Rocket Lock v1.1

by JulioNIB

Assassination Mod v0.6

by odiomoratti

Parachute Giver [TBOGT]

by Nevitro

Left 4 Liberty: Infection v5.1

by motorsport71

Ghost Rider script mod V2.4.1

by JulioNIB

Radical Snowman mod (+Snowboard)

by JulioNIB

Shark-O-Matic gun mod

by JulioNIB

Skate mod beta

by JulioNIB

BusMod Beta V1.0.1.1

by rooft0p

Mind Attack

by Dabanya & metalwars

Résident Evil IV MOD v1*

by onclsam13

Death Race IV v1.2

by R3vollv3R & JulioNIB

Handheld Teleport Device Script


IMHeadset + MK-VII

by Krlos_Rokr

Spiderman IV

by Bob Lester & JulioNIB

Simple Trainer v6.4 for Laptop

by sjaak327 & Bruno MC

StructEdit v0.1

by thaCURSEDpie

Design Your Own Harlem Shake v1.1

by LetsPlayOrDy

Big City Life v0.2

by DonSalami