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Bribe Mod (ALICE Version)

by lilmcnessy

Bribe Mod (.NET Version)

by lilmcnessy

Car DealerShip Mod (Lilmcnessy Autos)

by lilmcnessy

Cheap Car DealerShip (Lilmcnessy Autos)

by lilmcnessy

Real Parkour Animations v1

by boblester122

FMX IV mod (freestyle motorcross tricks)

by Boblester122 and JulioNIB

RainStorm (DmC style)

by boblester122

Tricking IV

by boblester122

SuperMan Mod v2.0 (Gamma)

by nixolas1

LCPD First Response v0.95 RC2

by G17 Media

Tank V Style script v1.1

by JulioNIB & SkylineGTRFreak

GTA V Real Weather

by mfrizki99

Prison Break

by HippieCommunist

HULK script

by JulioNIB


by Anmol0021

Never Wanted

by Anmol0021

Health Regeneration

by HippieCommunist

myTelekinesis powers

by JulioNIB

Magic Scripts Pack v1.0

by metalwars

Weapon Weight [updated 10/28/12]

by AngryAmoeba

Police Pursuit Mod 7.5d

by Anderson2005


by LetsPlayOrDy

Vehicle Selector v1.4.1

by C06alt

Hawkeye IV and Black Widow Scripts (Civil War package) - GTA IV

by BK Modding


by manoj10503

Fireworks Mod

by ZAZ

Devil Mod

by ZAZ

Mission Selector and Co-Op Online 0.2

by LMS

Parachute IV

by JulioNIB

GTA V to IV Package Final

by Sharing (Golak mods)

JC2-IV Grapple [ALPHA]

by Nixolas1

V Style v1.0 - Character switch and more

by JulioNIB

GTA 5 Weapon HUD 1.00

by M. Wojtanis

PP Mod

by matt19811

Killer Technique Pack v1.0

by metalwars

EPM v1.4

by Threepwood

BusMod Beta V1.0.1.0

by rooft0p

Jerry Can script mod v1.2.1

by Boblester, II Macc II, Krlos_Rokr & JulioNIB

Deadly Wrecks [updated 10/16/13]

by AngryAmoeba

SA to IV Aircraft Controls for Air Combat IV NEW

by Naruto 607

Car Bomber Mod

by rappo

Skylift Mod

by Nixolas1

Force Field++

by LetsPlayOrDy

Blastforce v1.1

by Intosia

Flashlight 4 Weapons v2.0

by metalwars

Super Fart Script

by trung2082000hcm

Mega SuperJump Script


Sentium M5 Muller (HAWKEN)

by metalwars

Clothes combination script v1.2

by JulioNIB

TimeMode v1 [.NET Adv TimeScale Mod]

by GTATerminal

Suicide Bomber v1 [.NET Bomb Mod]

by GTATerminal