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Hawkeye IV and Black Widow Scripts (Civil War package) - GTA IV

by BK Modding


Category:Script Mods

Added:2016-05-02 16:52:01 -0700

Replaces:ig_vlad, ig_anna, w_eagle and w_nightstick.

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Download Link:1462233121_hawkeyeand_black_widow_scripts_link.txt

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This mod is a scripts package based on the Marvel superheroes Hawkeye and Black Widow. These are my first scripts in which i use a Mod Menu. Download and Info: Credits: GTA X Scripting - Scripting help, mod menu help: GTA Daman Diu Stories - Ideas and motivation: Sweet 3d, Michael the wolf modding and Quechus13 - for providing the models: Scripting and everything else by me (GTA BK Modding). For all the people who are downloading this mod :) If you want to use my mod in any video then please do credit me and use my links in your video or post: