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Weapon Weight [updated 10/28/12]

by AngryAmoeba


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<B>v1.2.8</B> - <I>last updated October 28, 2012</I> <A HREF="">Click here</a> to see the latest changes. <B>WHAT IT DOES</B> — <I>Slowed Movement</I> This script decreases your speed on foot, depending on the weapons, ammo, and cash you're carrying. (All speed penalties can be tweaked.) — <I>Hurrying</I> Holding ALT gives you a 20% speed boost. Doing this while sprinting uses Adrenaline, shown as a white bar under the radar. (This can be tweaked or disabled.) — <I>Weapon Bag</I> Large amounts of cash and all weapons except the knife and pistols are stored in a bag, not in your magic pockets. No gameplay effect, only visual. (This can be tweaked or disabled.) — <I>Weapon Removal</I> Pressing * on the numpad drops the current weapon permanently. While unarmed, hold PageDown and press * to remove armor. (This can be disabled.) ---------------- <B>HOW TO INSTALL</B> This is a script for <a href=>HazardX's .NET scripthook</a>. Just place the files in the 'scripts' folder of the scripthook. ---------------- <B>TIPS</B> — Tweak the settings in the INI file to suit your preferences. — Drop weapons you don't need to avoid being slowed down too much. — If you want to get rid of weapons without losing them permanently, try my <A HREF=>Weapon Storage mod</A>. — Having 1% armor affects your speed the same as 100% armor. When your armor gets low, it might be a good idea to just remove it. — To avoid being slowed down too much by your cash, use my <A HREF=>Bank Account mod</A> to store money at ATMs. Or set the cash speed penalty to 0.0. — For realism, I recommend editing your WeaponInfo.xml file and decreasing the max ammo for every weapon to something realistic. — Adrenaline recharges more slowly when you're moving fast. — After the "MaxTotalPenalty" in the INI is reached, additional weight just makes the hurry button less effective, until hurrying has no effect. <B>KNOWN BUGS</B> — Unfortunately, you can't get weapons back after dropping them, due to script limitations. See <A HREF="">here</A> for an alternate version that I use, with (sometimes buggy) weapon drops that you can pick back up. — Melee weapons disappear when dropped, instead of falling to the ground.