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BusMod Beta V1.0.1.0

by rooft0p


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Added:2010-05-02 19:32:05 -0700

Replaces:BusMod Beta V1.0.0.1

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BusModBeta v1.0.1.0 Rooft0p2010: aka moochaka Compatible GTAIV v1.0.6.0 and EFLC Requires: HazardX’s .net Scripthook v1.6.1.1 ChangeList v1.0.1.0 Updated to work with latest patch and EFLC: No phone support anymore: Races are enabled/disabled using the Decimal key then you can select a race between Numpad1 and Numpad10 to select which race Call To Spawn Bus removed // Bus spawn using the Left arrow key Call To Teleport To Depot removed // Teleport to Depot using the Right arrow key ChangeList v1.0.0.1 Code Rewritten New Route Added (Route C) Option to Teleport to depot on Mod Start Buses Spawn at Depot (When Mod Enabled) Help Icons (If Required) All peds Directions Changed (Now Face Bus) Bus Rear door Now Shuts When Bus Is Moving Bus Stop Sign Added (RouteA Stop1) Call To Spawn Bus Call To Teleport To Depot Hazard Lights Now On Whilst on Frenzy Horn Sounds On Contact Whilst On Frenzy Repair And Wash added (Rear Of BusDepot) All Map Text Changed (Depot And Passenger) 10 Race's Added (9 & 10 Can Be Set Up By Player) Position/Heading Displays (For When Planning Race) Traffic On/Off (Helps When Setting Up Race Positions) All Race Vehicles And Drivers can Be set By Player On Foot Radio (Something I Use When Testing Thought I Would Leave It In) Extensive ini File Phone Numbers: 55 BUS 55 BUS: Spawns Bus With Player Inside (5528755287) BUS 55 DEPOT: Teleports To Bus Depot (2875533768) BUS RACE 001: BusRace 1 (2877223001) BUS RACE 002: BusRace 2 (2877223002) etc etc all the way to BUS RACE 010: BusRace 10 (2877223010) v1.0.0.0 Features, Drive 2 Different Routes around liberty city picking up and dropping off passengers, Standard fare is $15 (More routes to be added at a later date) Activate Mod by pressing PageUp (Deactivate PageDown), Once activated a station icon will appear on map (Location: Broker Bus Depot) there you can change into Busdriver and start either of the 2 routes – Stand infront of the portacabin door and press B to change into Driver or back again (Text will appear on screen when you are in the right place), To start Route A stand infront of the information door at the front of the depot (Text will appear) – Route B starts outside the toilets door, same applies here the text will appear when in the right location you can now press B to start route.( NOTE : Routes will only start if there are buses in the Depot if there are none you will have to bring your own or get the mod mentioned below to make sure you have a steady supply) While on route the player will be fined for bad driving i.e running a red light will cost you $20 and hitting a vehicle or pedestrian will cost $50 (Fines can be turned off or values changed), Once route is completed you will receive a wage of $500. Enable Speed Bomb : Player has the choice to activate Speed Bomb by pressing the Delete key, Once activated the device will arm at 50mph and Explode if you drive below 30mph, The device can be disarmed if you reach 80mph (All speed settings are based on Bus and are approx) – this will work in any vehicle as long as BusMod is enabled but you might want to change the ini file. Enable Bus Frenzy : Player has the choice to activate Bus Frenzy by pressing the End key, Once primed the Frenzy will start when you reach 40mph, You will be rewarded money ($1000Default) for causing destruction i.e Hitting vehicles, pedestrians,buildings etc the Frenzy will end if your speed drops below 15mph (All speed settings are approx) – this will work in any vehicle as long as BusMod is enabled but you might want to change the ini file. If script crashes at any time hit the ' key to open console and type reloadscripts