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GTA V to IV Package Final

by Sharing (Golak mods)


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Added:2014-05-30 05:00:42 -0700

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Download Link:gta_v_to_iv_package_final.rar

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Have you ever wanted to have Gta V in IV? there is no need to look for it any more, now you can have features of Gta V in IV ! with this is a package you can have a slice of Gta V in IV and EFLC esp the radar/ mini map its like V moved to IV !! ____________________________ A big thanks to Julio Nib for letting me use his V style in my package. ____________________________ Things you will get in Gta V To IV package: - Gta V radar/ Mini map - Gta Online Radar/ Minimap - Gta V Charecter Switch - Gta V death screen - Gta V Charecters - Gta V Weapon HUD - Gta V Weapon Icons - Gta V Loading Spinner - Gta V crosshair - Gta V text massage HUD - Gta V purple way point - Gta V Blips - Gta V fight Anims - Gta V vehicles accident Injury - Gta V health Healing - Gta V Fonts - Special abilitys - 5 Wanted stars with gta V star textures Credits: Squared map: XForceP Radar and Special abilitys: Lorenzo3024, Sharing (Golak mods), JulioNIB Wanted stars: Lorenzo3024, Sharing (Golak mods) Other scripts: Sharing (Golak mods) Textures: Sharing (Golak mods), Julio NIB Fonts: TempleOfLight, Dhanuka8000 Blips: luis95 (Homie Games), Lorenzo3024 Weapon Icons: RisingFire Star, II Macc II Charecters: ac.amir Charecter Switch, weapon HUD and death screen: JulioNIB ____________________________ Visit my website for more mods: ____________________________ Do not steal, Do not use in your mods without premission, Do not upload anywhere else without premission.