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Tank V Style script v1.1

by JulioNIB & SkylineGTRFreak


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-02-15 07:30:34 -0800

Replaces:ripley and two objects in procobj.img (slab)

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:22,985

File Size:12.5 MB

Download Link:tank_v_style_gta_iv.html

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Another mod inspired by GTA V, this time a little TANK ^^ The model is not the same from V but is very good (IMO). ********** v1.1 Changes: Added option to set how much damage player and enemy tank receives from close explosions Added feature to fake moving tracks and spinning wheels Added feature to control damage on idle tanks ********** Develop history/stages: Taxi bug when using tank: If you experience the taxi bug when driving the tank you should use this script to help reduce the side effect: Demo: All details and hotkeys in the blog post. Model by SkylineGTRFreak Script and custom models by JulioNIB