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GTA 5 Weapon HUD 1.00

by M. Wojtanis


Category:Script Mods

Added:2013-07-17 02:30:46 -0700

Replaces:Old GTA 5 HUD

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Hello people. Remeber gameplay from GTA 5? There was 2 seconds with weapon HUD. <b>Here You have.</b> Version 1.00. You can find this on my page. <hr> Version 0.93 out now. Information about weapons on right top side of screen is now included and some other small things. <hr> Version 0.92 include: -<b>Max Payne 3 style weapon switching</b> - use scroller on mouse to select weapon. You can change the time when it close and sensitive of scroller. -Added <b>SOUNDS</b>! You can disable it if You want. You have two choose - GTA 4 style sounds or Max Payne 3 style sounds. -You can disable/ enable effects:<b> bullet time, black background, "night effect".</b> -You had problem with Radio Station on Xbox Controller? Now You can <b>disable switching weapon in car.</b> +some bugs fix <hr> 0.91 is OUT! Xbox 360 Controller [and others controllers with special software] works with this mod! Also i added new mouse mechanic selection. More precise and not so sensitive. If this also is to sensitive - open ".ini" file and change sensitive to 1.0 or less ;) Shooting and aiming is now also make to select this weapon. I made this because some players had a magic jumping camera ... :) In Xbox Controller now is only while player is shooting... I will try to add aiming to selection gun. For keyboard - Now You can use HUD while You are running! But i forgot to give a set up key... Now it only works with Shift. And many other changes in "Readme.txt" file ;) <hr> In 0.905 i added option in ".ini" file for people who have bugs with icons [no icons]. Also improve the TLAD weapons. At the end added "switch/holding" option for HUD. In future i will add manual calcuation in realtime [change .ini file in game] to improve all icons what You want + change settings how You want. <hr> This is version 0.9. Video shows 0.85 when checking of cursor was not very good. More in <i>Readme.txt</i>. <hr> I do not have Xbox Pad or PS 3 pad, soo now this works only with keyboards. Or if You want this on Pad - write to my e-mail and work with me. I write - You will test on Pad.