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TimeMode v1 [.NET Adv TimeScale Mod]

by GTATerminal


Category:Script Mods

Added:2013-02-21 14:02:41 -0800


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Created by: GTATerminal ( Created in: C# .NET w/ ScriptHookDotNet Developed in GTA IV (Probably works on other versions) Features: Slow-Motion - Make your GTA IV go all Slooow. Fast-Motion - Make your GTA IV go all FAST! Changeable Keys - Set the Keys after your liking. Changeable Values - Set all the values after your liking, like Slow-Motion & Fast-Motion. 6 Different Motion Settings - Have 6 different types of speed! 3 for Slow-Motion & 3 for Fast-Motion! Install: Put the 2 files ( & TimeMode.ini) in your GTA IV > Scripts folder. Start your GTA IV and press F6 (By Default) to enable the mod. After that, press F5 to change the Slow-Motion. Press F7 to change the Fast-Motion. And press F6 to change to Normal. Settings: The script can be modified by changing the keys and values in the TimeMode.ini file. By default, the keys are F5, F6 and F7. These can however be changed after your liking. You can also change the values, such as Slow-Motion and Fast-Motion. There are 3 different settings for each TimeMode. To swap trough to TimeMode's, just press the F5 or F7 buttons (By Default) 1-3 times to get the selected TimeMode. Requires: A working copy of GTA IV. (TimeMode developed in but probably works in other versions as well). ScriptHookDotNet The Knowledge of How To Extract Files. A Smile! =)