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Magic Scripts Pack v1.0

by metalwars


Category:Script Mods

Added:2012-05-27 13:35:01 -0700

Replaces:scripts folder

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GTAIV mod by metalwars Magic Scripts Pack v1.0 for GTAIV & EFLC This is amazing magic scripts, you can become a God in Liberty city. Thanks for all author for my inspiration & I have permission. I edited they script files & key for make usefull combination & more better easier to pressing. Here is original scripts: -"Touhou Spell Cards" by: n-field -"Apple Of Eden" by: n-field -"Men In Black" by: n-field -"Telekinetic" by: HippieCommunist -"Sliders" by: HippieCommunist Installation: 1. Place "scripts" folder into your GTA 4 directory. 2. Enjoy!!! 3. For more details, see my video :D Would be more perfect if you add this scripts, you're become invincible, no one can stop you: Nanosuit script: Superman script: Killer technique script: You can get the scripthook here: Magic Scripts Key. I recommend to default your GTA 4 control key!!! Touhou Spell Cards 1: - Press "1" to use a magic spell (can be done on foot or in a vehicle) Press "3" to choose a magic. look the spell first, on the lower left corner screen, there 4 types of magic, try it yourself. Touhou Spell Cards 2: - Press "2" to make fire phoenix (you should use baseball bat) Press "R" to make fire explosion around (fire phoenix must be activated) Apple Of Eden: - Press " ; " to makes people go crazy around (choose unarmed first, can be done on foot or in a vehicle) - Press " ' " to makes people died around (choose unarmed first, can be done on foot or in a vehicle) Men In Black: - Press "Numpad 1" to clear level wanted with the light, & people will forget about you. Telekinetic: - Press (hold) "X" to telekinetic peds, objects or vehicles, you can throw it (can be done on foot or in a vehicle) Press "mouse wheel down" to slap the subject to the floor. Press "mouse wheel up" to throw the subject away. Sliders: - Press "F5" to make time machine with green light, you can go into the light, & will put you at a random time & place (can be done on foot or in a vehicle) If you don't want random place, you should set waypoint on the map.