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Real Parkour Animations v1

by boblester122


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-02-21 06:48:57 -0800

Replaces:nothing. it adds new .wad file on anim.img

Historic Rating:9/10

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Download Link:1393245889_lezgtamoddingrealparkourmodv1.rar

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I present you, Real Parkour Animations for GTA IV! with this, you can do parkour tricks with real animations! the animations are made from natural motion endorphin and 3ds max. the mod works like the mods in gta san andreas. buttons: backslash - back handstand (tap 5 times then hold to perform 5x back handstand combo) Z - backflip X - frontflip B - gainer N - combo 1 M - combo 2 comma - combo 3 period- combo 4 despite the mod feature, you will expect some animation bugs. i am trying to fix it and probably fix it for the next update depending on how many people will report about the bugs they see. also the next update will have more animations! ... and um, changeable keys. yea sorry, it's my first script/animation mod for gta4. thank you for rating and downloading. enjoy! edit: i accidentally uploaded the last version before the release version so the buttons are different. but on the brighter side, the frontflip and gainer is easier to press.