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IWL v1.2 (The army comes to Liberty City)

by 5mith

Vehicle Gauges

by Lorenzo3024

Simple Native Trainer 5.2v for laptops

by kubus7654

Body Guard Spawner

by Aluminumdabomb2

New Handgun Idle Animation [GunCop]

by Nevitro

Star Wars Baby Walker - Scripting4Fun

by JulioNIB & Quechus13

GTA V REAL Wanted Music

by Pappy♣

Execution mod v3.6

by 123iamking

Robbery v1.2

by Callum5042

Dirt Nap 2

by InfamousSabre

Hit Marker

by InfamousSabre


by InfamousSabre

Robbery Mod V2 (Old sh*t version)

by Wiebrendh

Ultimate Bullet Time Mod

by Nemo

Jetpack script mod

by Krlos_Rokr JulioNIB & Bob Lester

TakeDown 0.9

by Nevitro

V Style Waypoint Script V1.0

by Rugz007

In-Game Car Spawner

by asd23

EFLC Vehicle Menu

by tjackiseN

Bodyguard Recruiter Mod

by HippieCommunist

Assassination Mod V1.0

by TaazR

Extreme Ramp Spawner

by extrememodder191

Sticky bomb for GTA IV (C-4)

by JulioNIB

IV:MB Gearbox

by iriedreadlock23

Joker V1.1

by Rugz007

Player Euphoria (Ragdoll by Pain)

by representa

V style kill marker

by LetsPlayOrDy

Simme Simple Trainer

by Simeondahl

VIP Kill/Rescue Missions

by HippieCommunist

OUTBREAK v2.1: Infectious Zombie Mod for /

by motorsport71

Super Powers

by Anmol0021


by motorsport71

XL Trainer (Car spawner module)

by ltaltee

EPM v1.5

by Threepwood

Ped Suicide V Style

by LetsPlayOrDy

Realtime Sync Mod

by Wiebrendh

Brake Lights Mod v1.0

by Skorpro

Mle park & Nth Holland apartments & Majestic suite unlocked

by jpm1

Turn Signal Strobe Lights v1.0

by LetsPlayOrDy

Dual Wielding Style

by JulioNIB & ac.amir

Execution mod v3.3

by 123iamking

XLiveAchiever v0.3

by Alexander Blade

QuickSave F5

by DynaZor

Max Payne 3 Bullet Time (Slow motion) V2.2

by Wiebrendh


by hmabubis

Abandoned Vehicle Cleanup 2

by Prof_Farnsworth

New Zombie Script

by toyota12303 & HippieCommunist

Head Shot with CrossFire Style

by 123iamking

Real Collision 0.91

by M. Wojtanis

Suicide Bomber

by LetsPlayOrDy

Autodrive (this is NO Taxi mod)

by Cyron43