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Autodrive (this is NO Taxi mod)

by Cyron43


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Added:2014-01-28 09:31:00 -0800

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NOTE: I have retired from further developing and supporting this mod for the public. NOTE FOR PEOPLE WITH PROBLEMS: Most likely there went something wrong with the installation. Please read the guide carefully. Have fun and good bye. :-) V3.0.8 Fixed a crash that possibly occurred when the player tried to activate the siren in a vehicle which had none. However, I was not able to reproduce this issue. So I say "hopefully fixed". V3.0.7 Fixed a NonExisitngObjectException that crashed the mod when the driver was prematurely deleted by the game before he could be made invincible. V3.0.6 Increased stability when the script engine goes haywire. V3.0.5 Just a small update. When flying in a helicopter you won't get "Attempting to fly with insane speed now" but instead "Attempting to fly with maximum speed now". V3.0.4 - Fixed a bug where the mod crashed sometimes when moving target tracing was requested without having a ped at the waypoint marker. V3.0.3 - Polished the driver behavior at leaving a helicopter after landing. - Changed the speed preset messages for helicopter flights as the numerical values didn't match. V3.0.2 - Fixed a misbehavior when the helicopter was landed by another person. - The driving message is not displayed permanently anymore but just for 3 seconds. - Some more polishing of the code V3.0.1 Fixed a bug with static target navigation. In case you have installed V3.0.0 already you MUST overwrite the AutodriveConfig.xml with the new version provided with this download! V3.0.0 • You can now chase moving targets. • Removed autonomous helicopter landing after you reached the target. Instead the helicopter will stop and hover over the target position. You can manually initiate the landing by pressing the TriggerLanding key (see keyboard quick reference in the guide) or you can abort the task by pressing the ToggleDriver key again. This enables you to change the target position to a place that fits better as a landing place for a helicopter (if necessary). • The mod verifies the compatibility of the configuration file by comparing the version number. In case of a mismatch you will get a warning message and the mod gets deactivated! • The mod will not crash anymore if the configuration file cannot be found (i.e. through an installation error). Instead you will get a warning message and the mod gets deactivated! Short description: Autodrive provides you with your personal driver with 5 speed modes. It can be configured for different driving behavior and it can even ride boats and helicopters for you! Please read the Guide (part of the rar file) for installation instructions and further information (like keyboard quick reference).