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System Time Sync v1.2

by C06alt

Hospital wakeup fix

by Gangaisspecial


by jpm1


by Aquilon96

Driver Control Mod v0.9

by Skorpro

NVision [noctovision]

by Nevitro

TrafficControlScript .net ScriptHook (BETA)

by tartexs

Internet Radio script (Modded)

by Roots & mark011

Green Lantern Power Ring

by wapeddell

New Safehouses Mod v1.0 & Update

by Skorpro

Bullet Time

by HippieCommunist

FusRoDah more effect

by venkyaj

Stopwatch v1.1

by LetsPlayOrDy

Jesus Mode

by LetsPlayOrDy

Dead Eye Script v2

by Nevitro

Fast Colour and Livery Changer

by extrememodder191

Spartan Fist v1.0

by |Farhad|

Defender Mod

by Solarix

tjack_m0d [Multiplayer Trainer] v3.5.0

by tjackiseN

Drugs 1.1 [fix]

by Nevitro

Mechanic Mod [7/6/12]

by matt19811

Real Inside View (RIV)

by Slyde


by Anmol0021

Force Field

by sc2142


by Anmol0021

TakeDown 1.0

by M. Wojtanis

Jump v.4.0 [from front window - flatout]

by Nevitro (+ AngryAmoeba)

Arrest Warrant [updated 2/21/15]

by AngryAmoeba

Real Reload [updated 1/15/13]

by AngryAmoeba

Realistic Collision [0.6] with walls and realistic running

by Nevitro

Armoured Truck Robbery

by matt19811

Real and 100% working showroom

by extrememodder

Extreme Spoiler Adder V1.0

by extrememodder


by Aluminumdabomb2

Mobile radio (Watch Dogs style)

by JulioNIB

Merryweather and Lester special services

by JulioNIB

Batman Batarang v1.0

by metalwars

Player Components Selector

by LetsPlayOrDy

Iron Man Script MKII

by H1Vltg3

Ambient Wars Revival 2010 - v2.1.0.0

by Ironhide

Batmobile script

by JulioNIB

COD Sentry Guns mod

by Keegan P. Russ, Rarefacer & JulioNIB

Prone (Updated 7/5/14)

by Dvnt

GTA IV GrabScript v1.3

by HazardX

Explosive Rounds

by LetsPlayOrDy

Electro script v2.1

by gta-4modder, extrememodder, AndromadaJumper


by LetsPlayOrDy

Zombie Script

by toyota12303


by Anmol0021

RpmGauge and GearBox Script V1.0

by tartexs

Unique Engineering - v2.0

by Vertelvis