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Unique Engineering - v2.0

by Vertelvis

Meadows Park Safehouse - v1.1

by Vertelvis

Bleed & Heal

by BR_Goianiense

Armoured Car Hijack

by Prof_Farnsworth

PD2 Blips

by InfamousSabre

Vehicle GOD Mode + Super SultanRS

by UnlockedTax

Stacking Mod v2.2

by CJay

Ambiance V

by InfamousSabre

Undercover Car Mod v1.2

by Skorpro

CarUpgrade 1.0

by TempleOfLight

Save Anywhere

by Sadra1122

SniperBT version 3.0 [17.12]

by Nevitro

Enemy Alert

by InfamousSabre

Simple Car Fly Cheat script v1.0

by JulioNIB

EMP Shockwave v1.0

by SteveO

Universal Gravity Changer

by LetsPlayOrDy

BusMod Beta v1.0.0.0

by rooft0p

Hyper Speed BETA V4

by kryptylomese

Cautious Drivers v1.3

by BR_Goianiense

Parachute Jet Engine and Rockets

by nixolas1

NixoMod 2.22 for EFLC (UPDATED)

by nixolas1


by metalwars & Scrat1908Mods

Trailer Mod

by NCTRenegade

Hallenberg Multiplayer Crash Protection v1.1

by formel117

God Mod

by Anmol0021

Laser And Flashlights For All Weapons

by motorsport71

Simple Income

by _Pure

Bullet Impact Euphoria

by Prof_Farnsworth

Taxi Fix Mod

by ctm305

Engine Blow-Out v1.1

by ArpyClarkson

Niko's Old Fat Cop buddy ScriptMod

by GtaGamer222


by LetsPlayOrDy

Simple Police Mission (Hard)

by tjackiseN

Radio Mod 2.0

by sjaak327

Tranquilizer Gun

by InfamousSabre

IWL v1.3 (Weapons update)

by 5mith

GTA V Buzzard - V Style

by JulioNIB

ED-209 robot (Robocop movie 1987)

by JulioNIB

Change Skin

by Anmol0021

Flappy IV

by Quechus13 and JulioNIB

Simple Wall ride v1.0

by JulioNIB

Iron Man Repulsor Beam

by H1Vltg3

PAYDAY 2 Style Dynamic music mod

by HarryWorner

Power Drink Health Boost [7/7/12]

by matt19811


by carboHAX

FileCheckFix (5th patch)

by Alexander Blade



Radio Editor for EFLC (ParrotBay Radio)

by iriedreadlock23

GTA IV File Check Fix v1.0.4.0

by Alexander Blade

PvP Wanted v1a

by daimyo21

Garage Mod

by GAK