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CarUpgrade 1.0

by TempleOfLight


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-03-06 16:57:10 -0800

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First script of what will hopefully be a nice little series of simple and efficient scripts. One of the biggest features missing from GTA IV was the ability to repair your car without respraying it. This script makes it possible thanks to 5 new garage blips spread across the map. If you've got a few thousands bucks to spend, you can also install bulletproof tires on your ride, or even make your car collision proof. Visually, at least. For balance reasons, your hood will still fall off and your car engine will still get damaged if you keep crashing like a maniac. Just drive to one of these and press F1 to toggle a three option menu that you can navigate using PageUp and PageDown. Enter chooses the highlighted service. Very special thanks to EmperorMustapha, InfamousSabre and MulleDK19 for their patience teaching a total noob how to write scripts for this gaming masterpiece ;)