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Laser And Flashlights For All Weapons

by motorsport71


Category:Script Mods

Added:2012-07-05 16:34:59 -0700

Replaces:adds .net script, light_1.wdr and light_2.wdr

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Laser And Flashlights For All Weapons by motorsport71 Flashlight "light_1.wdr" and Laser Sight "light_2.wdr" by metalwars Requires .net ScriptHook version OpenIV to install "light_1.wdr" and "light_2.wdr" Only Tested on GTA IV v1.0.7.0 This allows the user to give any firearm including the rocket launcher a Laser Sight, a flashlight, or both! Options also include enabling one / both for one weapon. it / they will go away when you change the weapon. OR You can turn on a mode that will have every weapon come on with the Laser Sight / Flashlight (or both) in their proper locations per light change. The Sniper Rifles have a different location for the laser sight and the flashlight for better appearence. All lights are also adjusted VERY, VERY close to the targetting reticle from a distance of a few meters (Very time consuming to do :D ) .ini included to change controls to whatever you desire. Known Issue: When changing weapons around very fast, from time to time the Laser sight or Flashlight may get wrong placement when the auto enable for all weapons is on. A quick fix is either press the "weapon once" key which will not affect auto enable. Or just change the weapon to the next one and go back.