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Radio Mod 2.0

by sjaak327


Category:Script Mods

Added:2009-10-30 12:27:09 -0700

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This mod enables you to use a few small radio functions for GTAIV. It features Mobile Radio, which works everywhere (not just in cars). This feature can be enabled or disabled (R+Num1), you can skip to the next station (R+Num2) or the previous one (R+Num3). Also you can skip to the next song (N). It also features a simple key to turn to a favorite radio station (Num *). The station can be set in the radio.ini. Default radio station is another function that is included. With this you can lock the radio (Both the Mobile radio and the normal car radio) to a certain station, this station can be set either in game, or via the ini. When locked, each and every car you enter, will play the station that you have set . You can enable this function at startup in the ini. Safe house radio is a feature that will automatically set the radio in any of the 5 safe-houses to the radio station that has been set in trainer.ini. Of course if you have mobile radio enabled, this feature is not useful (as mobile radio would be running everywhere), so this is only when you have mobile radio disabled, but want to have the music in the safe house set to whatever station. You can also skip stations with the same keys as mobile radio. Because having both Mobile Radio and Safe house radio enabled might conflict, only one can be active at any given time. The menu is displayed when you press F11, and contains the above features, and in addition enables you to set the menu and menu highlight color in game as well. You can also set the mobile radio to be enabled when the game starts in the ini. The same applies to Safe House radio. The menu scroll time can also be set in the ini. Also the keybindings can be set in the ini. Support for (patch 6) and EFLC