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Engine Blow-Out v1.1

by ArpyClarkson


Category:Script Mods

Added:2012-10-22 02:27:58 -0700

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Engine Blow-Out v1.1 This script adds a touch of realism to GTA, making your bad driving a bad idea. Engine Blow-Out adds the downfall of your car when you push it too fast and too hard. Tested and developed for GTA 4 Completely rewritten from v1.0 New features include GUI, overhauled overheating formulas, new overheating method (using temperature as apposed to the old way), cooling, and engine recovery. More information in the ReadMe included. Change Log: v1.1 :: - Closed Source - Added .ini File - Added Temperature Gauge - Added Overheating Light - Added RPM Gauge - New Overheating Formula - New Overheating Method - Added Air-flow Cooling - Added Gauge Initiation - Added Engine Recovery v1.0 :: Release