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Hallenberg Multiplayer Crash Protection v1.1

by formel117


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-02-25 13:16:23 -0800

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Hi all. I've gotten tired of so many people crashing servers in Multiplayer and I decided to make this protection mod, which does the following: Prevents you from being crashed by the "Niko" bug, and kicks anyone who uses it from the game if you're host(thus protecting others as well). | It auto deletes some types of vehicles in order to prevent being lagged out from servers, this works in quite a long range and sometimes across all the map(thus protecting others as well). | It auto deletes "crash objects" which causes you to crash to desktop if you aim at them, this works across all of the map and thus protects others as well. There shouldn't be any big performance hits with this mod. I've put together a zip file which contains all the files needed in order to run mods in Multiplayer, so that even people who do not know how to mod can protect themselves. Please spread this among friends and strangers if you want a better multiplayer. Version 1: Initial Release Anti Niko Crash Anti Vehicle Spam Anti Crash Object Version 1.1: Added more protection against crash objects Added "Anti Attach", this removes objects people put on you. Two hotkeys: F7 = Toggle Anti Crash Objects F8 = Toggle Anti Attach Virus scan of v1.1 zip file: