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Ambiance V

by InfamousSabre


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Added:2014-12-24 16:05:49 -0800

Replaces:Ambiance 0.9

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Ambiance V fills your GTA IV gameplay with background music that evolves depending on your current situation. Designed to work flawlessly with the music of Grand Theft Auto V I've also included a gift/bonus for the holidays :) Features--------------------------------------------- -Different tracks, depending on your location -Customizable playlist City Track Listing: -You Forget a Thousand Things -No Happy Endings -Dark Robbery (Not an official title) -North Yankton Memories Suburbs Track Listing: -A Haze of Patriotic Fervor -Track 8 (Not an official title) -Metz Debunked (Not an official title) -Impotent Rage Other Track Listing: -Diamond Diary (Ocean) -Universal (Industrial) -The Grip (Alderney State Correctional) -A Legitimate Business Man (Airport) -(Sounds Kind of) Fruity (Happiness Island) Special Track Listing: -We Were Set Up (Flight) -Greyhound (Driving) -Minor Turbulence (Boating) --(REQUIRED) Obtain/Install Audio files-- The default AmbianceTracks.xml file is set up for use with GTA V music. However, I cannot provide you with, nor link you to copyrighted music, therefore GTA V's music must obtained separately. THIS SCRIPT IS USELESS WITHOUT MUSIC! Check README for details. Notes------------------------------------------------ Adjusting volume in the pause menu only works with versions 1070 and 1120. All others will have to change volume in the .ini settings file. Changelog------------------------------------------- v1.0: -Original Release v1.1: -Fixed compatibility with LCPDFR Credits----------------------------------------------- Reflection Assistance - LostProphet Volume Setting and Reversing Assistance - Leftas Testing - Ricebox