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Armoured Car Hijack

by Prof_Farnsworth


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Added:2012-05-26 03:16:40 -0700

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Armoured Car Hijack v2 This mod will enable a convoy of vehicles to spawn at the "Civilization Committee" building just south of the Albany Avenue safehouse in Algonquin (building which gives 4 star wanted level for trespassing). The convoy will follow a route around Algonquin, making stops to pickup money at 5 locations. After each stop, the armoured car will be carrying more cash. The objective is to steal the armoured vehicle and return it to a dropoff point before being killed or having the vehicle destroyed. If you make it to the dropoff, you will be rewarded with cash from the heist, however, you will still need to escape any remaining pursuers as well as any police whose attention you may have drawn. There are multiple ways to get the armoured car which are all viable. *************************** 2.0 UPDATES -Added options to decide which vehicles spawn in the convoy. -Added options to enter your own speed and coordinates for the route, spawn, and pickups of the convoy. -Added option to decide whether the convoy obeys traffic laws or not. -Added option to decide whether rocket launcher spawns or not. *************************** *************************** 1.1 UPDATES -Added option to determine how many cars get deleted when the convoy spawns. -Fixed rocket launcher enemy to actually fire when they are supposed to (increases difficulty) -Fixed bug with script reading and writing to ini. *************************** Please feel encouraged to report any bugs, suggestions, comments or criticisms. Please read the ReadMe. Please do not upload this mod anywhere else. If you use this mod in one of your own, please be kind enough to give credit. Enjoy Prof. Farnsworth