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Meadows Park Safehouse - v1.1

by Vertelvis


Category:Script Mods

Added:2013-02-03 07:19:22 -0800

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Scratch made by Vertelvis This script adds a new safehouse to GTA IV, near the Meadows Park area in Dukes. This mod has the following features: - Save and load at the safehouse - Saving at the safehouse is tracked, assuring you spawn at the right safehouse when restarting the game - Up to 8 vehicles can be saved at the safehouse, including model, car colors 1-4, livery and extra's. - Teleport from any point in the world to the safehouse - Respawn a single or all vehicles at the safehouse - Customizable key bindings via the .ini-file - All features are controlled via an ingame menu system - Compatible with ikt's Traffic Load Fix - Detailed instructions on saving cars and making them spawn ingame included Requirements: - GTA IV - .Net Scripthook Beta - Any ASI-loader Furthermore all prerequisites for the above are also needed in order to run this mod. Changed in v1.1: - Fixed a menu bug - Changed menu items capitalization - Added a document with all numeric key bindings Release: From 01/02/13 onward I will release my mods on the following sites: - - - I have reached an agreement with the site moderator of GTAinside to upload my mods there now too. All future mods will also be uploaded there. Since this is my first script mod, I am relatively unexperienced in these. Therefore I can not totally rule out bugs. If you find one, please shoot me an email via my website. Thanks in advance!