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Niko's Old Fat Cop buddy ScriptMod

by GtaGamer222


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Added:2014-12-18 06:47:54 -0800


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---------------This is my First Script Mod So please go easy on me :P-------------------------- On to the Mod: As the title says you can switch between Niko and a fat cop by the press of a button(By Default the hotkey is "I" you can change it in the ini file tho ). When you are playing as the fat cop you will not get any wanted level (you can change this in the ini file by setting NotWantedWhilePlayingAsCop=false).When you switch from niko to cop and viseversa your health and Armor gets restored to max and your wanted level will be cleared :).Thats not it when playing as cop you can spawn a police car by pressing "O" key (hotkey can be changeable in the ini file ).And the last neat featured i decided to add is a Explosive FartBomb. While playing as the fat cop you can press "U" key to fart (lol!) its creates an explosion right where you are standing and shoots you into air :D . btw, if you Fart in the car the car will explode and you will die lol :P. How to Install: Copy the Niko' and Niko'sBud.ini files to the scripts folder in your GTA IV directory. You need to have .NET Scripthook installed. Controls: "I" to switch between niko and Fat Cop. "O" to spawn a police car when playing as Cop. "U" to Fart when playing as Cop. The above can be changed in the ini file included in the download. Credits: GtaGamer222 LetsPlayOrDy for constantly helping me when i'm lost :) thx bro! know Bugs: Game Crashes when you Switch in the middle of a Cut Scene. When Switching the character in a Vehicle it kicks you out of the vehicle (pretty funny trust me! :P) Report if you found and Bugs and any suggestion are welcome :) If you Have any problems please report it to me before rating :) This is my First Script mod so please if you don't like the mod don't download it but please don't give a low rating :)