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Radio Editor for EFLC (ParrotBay Radio)

by iriedreadlock23


Category:Script Mods

Added:2011-04-13 18:19:08 -0700

Replaces:Nothing at all

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Did you ever want to play all GTAIV series radio in one single game? How about your own custom radio station made completely of GTA IV / EFLC tracks? Create your own playlist of ads, news, music and talk shows, and then create skin for your radio station. Make as many as you want, play them as easy as button press. FEATURES: # All GTA IV / TBOGT / TLAD Audio supported # Does not replace anything # Tutorial HOW TO IMPORT GTAIV Radio to EFLC # Easily build playlist using Offline editor # Create skins with custom background/buttons/text/animations # Switch between stations in milliseconds. # Play, pause, rewind, fast forward any track # Mix two or more stations in one # Play your music in all clubs # Using 100% GTAIV code/engine. # All playlists and skins are XML # Supports importing of GTA IV audio to EFLC # 99% of Sounds in database included # Supports linking tracks to hour/minute or any weather # Supports binding keys to Joypad/Keyboard/Mouse IMPORTANT To download textures and tutorials required for this mod, visit Enjoy making history.