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PvP Wanted v1a

by daimyo21


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Added:2013-11-25 01:08:47 -0800

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You do not have my permission to distribute THIS mod elsewhere, I do not mind if any major code is used, or built upon for learning/streamlining your mod, as long as you please credit accordingly if you were to release. ---------------------------------------------------- - PvP Wanted 1.0 - Mod by: Daimyo21 - contact: [email protected] - Works in Multiplayer Only ---------------------------------------------------- PvP Wanted 1.0 is a script that adds several features and functions and is made ONLY for multiplayer and intended to be played alongside LCPDFR and my other scripts that add RPG/Realism elements What was this script originally for? -It was originally created to add a PvP element for LCPDFR like SAMP/MTA Cops N Crooks, however I ran out of time to work on it so many PvP features were left out because they were unfinished. So is the script useless? -NO! Far from it in fact! I added a buttload of features that pertain more to LCPDFR and my other scripts (its sort of all over the place, Ill leave it open-source) PvP Wanted Features: #Realism approach (all optional) -Disables driver-side shooting while in a car -Passenger side shooting made difficult to aim -Blind-firing from cover made difficult to aim -Optional Respawn at nearest hospital setting (entire map must be opened in multiplayer free roam) #Multiplayer/Miscellaneous -(Optional)Police officer pedestrian penalty/reward system (reward/penalty money amount can be set in .INI file) *Cops are rewarded for killing pedestrians who have a weapon or attacked a cop (basically wanted) *Cops are rewarded for killing pedestrians with weapons *Cops are penalyzed for killing peds that have no weapon and have not attacked the officer -(Optional)Basic multiplayer freeroam implementation of Proximity Voice Chat (since freeroam doesnt have that) *if players > X meters from you, the script mutes other players mics and unmutes them when they are close enough #Use at own risk (most unfinished): -Optional: Ability for player cops to give civilian players wanted levels (tested, dont spam, pretty sure it was stable, report otherwise/stop using if script crashes, does not require ALLOW_PVP_FUNCTIONS) *Must be within 75-100 meters away and in police's field of view *On-screen messages synced through multiplayer (stating what cop is giving you the wanted level) -Optional: PvP Arrest Functions, Tested, but Unfinished/possibly (ALLOW_PVP_FUNCTIONS must be true for both players) *In order for this to work, the criminal player must be wanted and ragdolled (taser pistol mod is great for this) and a player police officers must be on foot AND within 10 meters to begin the arresting functionality (all automated and locks controls) *The criminal player is automatically teleported to nearest hospital with loss of weapons and money specified *Officer is rewarded for his arrest dependent on criminal wanted level amount -Optional: PvP reward/penalties, automated wanted level chase functionality (ALLOW_PVP_FUNCTIONS setting enables/disables) -Ability for player cops to give civilians warning messages (Disabled due to script crashing, feel free to try and get workin in scripts) Installation: Copy PvP and PvP Wanted.ini in your scripts folder