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Simple Car Fly Cheat script v1.0

by JulioNIB


Category:Script Mods

Added:2013-02-08 22:15:54 -0800

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Description Idea by zzcool make possible to fly with any vehicle that dont fly ^^ like cars, bikes, boats, bus and trucks :) Obs.: Don't need to change handling.dat Preview: its not perfect, works fine almost all time, the problem its when you hit something an the vehicle start spinning, its hard to stop the spin, so hold S to reduce speed and chill out ^^ you can control the flight with WASD Shift and Control (default game cfg) or WS and numpads 4567989, recommended Bikes will fly very cool, but dont will roll left or right, just turn Cars can spin a lot when out of control Big ones like Bus and Truck will be slow when turning/rolling Boats are very hard to control, sorry