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Hyper Speed BETA V4

by kryptylomese


Category:Script Mods

Added:2013-01-17 04:41:18 -0800

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Download Link:1376210072_hyper_speed_mod_v4.asi


V4 added driving on water (bike act like a jet ski) This (beta) mod will enable you to go faster (IN FREEMODE) than the 180MPH(288KPH) hard coded barrier (this is real speed not airbreak) in any car or bike or boat as well as steer with your mouse so you go wherever you look. I have set the speed limit to around 500MPH(800KPH) but this may change. This mod also has the benefit of turning your character on foot in the direction of the camera instantly as well as providing an easy airbreak mode aswell. B+ S to enable/disable this mod (enabled by default) In a Vehicle:- B+ M together to enable/disable mouse steering in a vehicle Airbreak mode is the same as on foot and uses mouse steering even when mouse steering is disabled. W to accelerate (quite sensitive) SpaceBar to Super Break Right mouse button to NoClip and stick to the ground if the ground is close. On Foot:- Press W + S together to move forwards quickly Press Right Mouse button to accelerate rather than airbreak whilst pressing W + S Press Q + E together to enable airbreak Press W to accelerate forwards in airbreak mode. Press S to decelerate and go into reverse in airbreak mode. N.B. This mod is a .asi (C++) so just put it in your EFLC/GTA4 folder (assuming you have scripthook and dsound.dll). The Simple Trainer may not always display the speed of your car accurately. Also ramps tend to work better at a top speed of 178MPH (I am working on this).