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PAYDAY 2 Style Dynamic music mod

by HarryWorner


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-03-15 05:19:43 -0700


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PAYDAY 2 STYLE Dynamic music mod(OPEN SOURCE C#) (FILE SIZE: 311 MB ) Version: 1.00 Date: 15.03.15 Tested with GTA 4 v1.0.7.0. // 1.HOW TO INSTALL: 1) Put file "NAudio.dll" into your main directory of GTA 4 2) Put folder "Scripts" into your main directory of GTA 4 // 2.Requirements: 1) GTAIV .Net Script Hook v1.7.1.7 BETA URL: 2) NAudio (INCLUDED) 3) Tested on GTA 4 v1.0.7.0. [Wasn't tested with older versions of GTA 4, so be ready to face with critical errors]. // 3.Description Payday 2 Dynamic Music script adds a dynamic music system (similar in Payday 2) that has 8 soundtracks from Payday 2. Moreover, dynamic music system has 4 stages when random soundtrack can be activated: STAGE 1: SAFE --> When player is not wanted, stealth music will be activated. STAGE 2: DANGER --> When player committed a crime and still wasn't spotted by cops. STAGE 3: BATTLE --> When player was spotted by cops (delay: only after 30-60 seconds like in Payday 2), battle music will be activated and will be used until end of police chase. STAGE 4: DEATH --> When player got killed in police chase, sad music will be activated (duration 30 sec and then will be activated random soundtrack from STAGE 1). ADDITIONAL INFO: If player got arrested or he successfully escaped then will be activated random soundtrack from STAGE 1. Just Watch VIDEO how it works: List of PAYDAY 2 soundtracks in this mod: 1) Razormind 2) Fuse Box 3) Supersledge 4) And Now We Run 5) Sirens in the Distance 6) Evil Eye 7) Shadows and Trickery 8) Wanted Dead or Alive Extra: 9) Hard Time (30 sec when died) P.S. You can use current script for your projects and feel free to change any line of code. I want to see your favourite soundtracks with current script. KNOWN ISSUES: 1) When player got arrested, sad music will not be activated. KNOWN CONFLICTS WITH OTHER CUSTOM MODS: 1) Dynamic HUD MOD by InfamousSabre will stop playing activated soundtrack. 2) Tranquilizer Gun mod by InfamousSabre has the same problem. 3) Sniper Bullet Time mod от nevitro has the same problem. But you can fix his script. FIX: Line 99: // liczenieSound.Play() // 4. Credits: I want to say big thanks to HippieCommunist, who provides open source scripts for GTA 4. Other than that, another tutorial helped me a lot is [TUT] Playing native sounds and external sounds by unknown author. ALL SOUNDTRACKS BY OVERKILL SOFTWARE.