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IWL v1.4 (Land, sea, air)

by 5mith


by InfamousSabre

Mission Passed V Style

by SocialOfficer

Side Quests Mod v1.3

by Nerdook


by o!nko!nk

Fun with GTA

by Gangaisspecial

GTA V Weapon HUD (HD Weapon icons)

by links64

Daimyo's RPG Mod Pack - Community Edition v1.2.2b

by daimyo21

Taxi Pickup Script v3

by HKS

God Mode Plus

by thaCURSEDpie

Scare/Troll mod

by LetsPlayOrDy

Peds Not Scared By Horn

by OfficerDoom

EPM v1.3

by Threepwood

Abuse {Update}

by Anmol0021

Pigeons Detector Plus v1.1

by koolk

HelpKit 1.7 *NEW*

by ZeroCool

LOLCops Lite Trainer v2

by Sneakyjanit0r

Heart Attack Mod

by PulloHeikkiProx


by Cyron43

Police Pursuit Mod Beta 4.0

by NeO_Anderson

OnFootRadioIV v1

by o!nko!nk

Rival Drive By Gang V2.0

by motorsport71

Smart Defence 2

by Solarix

Jump v.5.1 [from front window - flatout]

by Nevitro

Online Players Info

by LetsPlayOrDy

Strobe Lights v1.0

by LetsPlayOrDy

Police Pursuit Mod 6.0e

by Anderson2005

BulletTime v2.0 [ *UPDATED* ]

by lordwriter

Creepy Stalker

by PlayPrey

Wanzer Script for Azerty Keyboard

by jumpman971

Radiance GTA IV v1.0.2.0 +10 Trainer


GTA IV Stop Mod

by PulloHeikkiProx

Brain Control ver 5.7

by 123iamking

Player Selector v1.3

by C06alt

Stalker Mod beta

by matt19811

Ambiance 0.1

by InfamousSabre

Simulate Key Press for Controllers V1.0.1 BETA

by NomeSkavinski


by Anmol0021

AutoKicker v1.1

by LetsPlayOrDy

Ramp Spawner v1.0.2 with Controller Support

by NomeSkavinski

Bodyguards With Lights v1.01

by motorsport71

gta 4 recoverer 1.3

by TDO

Airstrike Mod [Bugs Fixed]

by aztec2012

NooseMod v0.1

by _hax

Anti Robbery Mod ALPHA

by Rugz007

Sniper BulletTime

by Nevitro

All Windows Run Fix

by Alexander Blade

Render Flag Customizer

by Alexander Blade

AirPort Big CarPark Track

by NorGame1

Speech Recognition v1.1

by Rugz007

Public Host Game v1.1.1

by daimyo21