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Bullet Impact Euphoria

by Prof_Farnsworth


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Added:2011-05-01 17:47:00 -0700

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Bullet Impact Euphoria v1.2 by Prof_Farnsworth Version 1.2 Update: Added .ini file to choose whether condition exists while Niko is in Vehicle, and what speed the vehicle will accelerate. Version 1.1 Update: Added condition for Niko in vehicle. If shot while in vehicle, there is a chance the vehicle will accelerate uncontrollably for a short time (1.5s) This mod will give Niko a chance of staggering when shot. While wearing armor, Niko will stagger less. Known Bugs: None INSTALLATION: Make sure your GTA IV is moddable (, asi loader, etc). Place "" and "Ragdoll_Bullets.ini" into the "scripts" folder in the root GTA IV directory. In "Ragdoll_Bullets.ini", set "VehicleHit_Condition" to "1" to enable vehicle acceleration when shot, set to "0" to disable. Set "VehicleHit_Speed" to any float value to set the acceleration speed (default is 4). Tested on GTA IV version 1.0.7 with, scripthook.dll 0.5.1, and latest xliveless (0.99) Many thanks go out to the devs of LCPDFR. Thier Hardcore mode (albeit too much for regular gameplay for me, but great for LCPDFR) gave me the motivation to make my own stagger when shot mod. COPYRIGHT: Please do not upload this mod anywhere else. If you use this mod in one of your own, please be kind enough to give credit. Enjoy Prof. Farnsworth