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Killer Technique Pack v1.0

by metalwars


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Added:2012-04-04 08:57:28 -0700

Replaces:scripts & other files

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Killer Technique Pack v1.0 GTAIV mod by metalwars Killer Technique Pack v1.0 for GTAIV Killer Technique without guns. Thank you for all author for my inspiration & I have permission. I edited they script files & key for make usefull combination & more better easier to pressing. -"Gestures Mod" by: Geremony -"Burn To Hell" by: Me -"CQC Fight Mod" by: ++++ -"CQC Katana Sword Mod" by: ++++ -"Dart" by: HippieCommunist -"Draw Object" by: HippieCommunist -"Kick" by: HippieCommunist -"Knife" by: HippieCommunist Installation: 1. Place all files in "Killer Technique" folder into your GTA 4 diretory. 2. Use SparkIV or OpenIV and open GTAIV/pc/models/cdimages/weapon.img, Replace files from weapon.img folder 3. Enjoy!!! You can get the scripthook here: Killer Technique Keys. I recommend to default your GTA control key!!! - Press "Caps Lock" to burn ped (use aiming & nearest ped) - Press "T" to dart ped with arrow on they neck (use aiming & nearest ped) - Press "M" to pick brick from your pocket, you can throw to the ped. - Press "G" hard kick to the ped, when they down (use aiming & nearest ped) - Press "R" to throw knife, you must first choose a knife (use aiming & nearest ped) - Press "R+LMB" (Reload + Attack) use a sword (don't choose knife) - Press "R+E" (Reload + Action) to put away sword. When ride a bike press "R+E" to take out sword / put away , Press "E" to use sword. - Press "R" to roll forward (don't choose knife) Press "R" while in jumping peak to preform a frontflip. Press "R" While jumping on the spot to preform a backflip. - Press "T" to slide forward (you should use a rifle) - Press "," to make a random negative gesture. - Press ".'" to make a random positive gesture. - Press "/" to make niko dance. - Press "LMB" (Attack key) for better technique fight now. Don't forget to backup & watch my video :D