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Deadly Wrecks [updated 10/16/13]

by AngryAmoeba


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Added:2012-11-11 16:32:54 -0800

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<B>v1.1.6</B> - <I>last updated October 16, 2013</I> <A HREF="">Click here</A> to see the changes in the latest update. ---------------- <B>WHAT IT DOES</B> Car wrecks hurt! Put on a seatbelt to reduce damage and prevent flying through the windshield. - Minor wrecks don't hurt you. - Normal wrecks hurt you based on car damage. - Big wrecks hurt you based on car damage x1.5 and can trigger the drunk cam effect. - Crashing upside down or sideways hurts you based on car damage x3. - Press <B>Left Alt</B> to put on your seatbelt. ---------------- <B>HOW TO INSTALL</B> This is a script for <a href=>HazardX's .NET scripthook</a>. Just place and DeadlyWrecks.ini into the 'scripts' folder of the scripthook. ---------------- <B>TIPS</B> - Only you take damage from this mod, not NPCs. - See the DeadlyWrecks.ini file for various settings. - The default settings assume that you have a car damage realism mod like <A HREF="">Realistic Driving</A> by Killatomate. - You can type "reloadini" in the console to load new settings while the game is running. - When you wear your seatbelt, damage is reduced by a configurable amount. There's also a max amount of damage per collision (but you can still die if a wreck involves multiple collisions). - There are settings (off by default) for more seatbelt realism: hold the seatbelt key to put it on/take it off, and make it prevent you from getting out of the car.