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Air Combat IV v1.5.1

by JulioNIB


Category:Script Mods

Added:2013-01-25 06:57:21 -0800

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v1.5.1 Fixed issue with SNT numpad control v1.5 *** IMPORTANT *** Script now its compiled dll, remove any ac-iv.vb from the scripts folder or you will get wierd results :( ac-iv.ini should be renamed to "Air Combat IV.ini" read the readme :) *** Added XBox 360 controller support Added skin (livery) change, you can change ingame using Subtract key (numpad) or in the .ini of the jet or aquirement point Some small fixes This mod allows you to have an jet with rockets, cannons, engines, flares, bombs, moving parts and enemy jets to combat :) You can customize the .ini to fit the script to your jet model (Folder Jets, inside folder JetFiles), customizing number of rockets, bombs, engines, etc.. Inside the folder "Jetfiles>More jets" you will find some .ini for some especific models. Probably will work in MP, i didnt tested because i dont have access to multiplayer mode at this moment :P if you have problems with HUD stretched, modify the variables myGameWidth and myGameHeight in the AC-IV.ini Watch the video to see in action: Mod made over GTA iV with patch, tested in EFLC and TLaD too, tested by other people in Open source :) Especial thanks too: core.max2010 - metalwars - SkylineGTRFreak - zzcool (taltigolt) - Hardsty1e - Fredwalktrought - Noesis - Good ideas about multiple jets and tips for testing/jet models/tips/code tips/etc. :) subscribe/like for news: