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Kidnapping v1.2

by BR_Goianiense


Category:Script Mods

Added:2011-06-11 22:24:39 -0700

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- If inside a car with a stranger, press the action button to lock the doors and start a kidnapping. - The kidnapped will be forced by you to call their folks and ask for a ransom to be exchanged at a direction given by you. - You can hide and retrieve the kidnapped in 3 hideouts: an abandoned garage north of Algonquin, an abandoned factory south of Alderney or in an abandoned building in Dukes. - Kidnapped can alert the cops if there's one nearby, making you wanted for kidnapping (4 stars!). - There's a chance that the kidnapped's family will call the cops, making an ambush for you during the exchange. - Abandon the vehicle with the kidnapped inside to give up the kidnapping or just miss the exchange appointment. - You have to possess a firearm to kidnap someone. CHANGES SINCE LAST VERSION ========================== v1.2 - Added sound for random screams of panic from the kidnapped. - Corrected bug that miscalculated the exchange time if the player saved the game. - Added code to block player from kidnapping while unarmed. v1.1 - Added 2 new hideouts (Dukes and Alderney). - Added more dialog variaton. - Corrected bug that deleted the kidnapped in hideout, leading to a script error. - Added animation when kidnapped is calling his family.