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Kuruma Script v.2.0

by Rugz007


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-03-20 07:27:50 -0700


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"I am waking up from ash and dust, i wipe my brow and i swipe my rust" ~Radioactive,Imagine Dragons. YES I AM BACK AGAIN! With a simple mod. A mod which makes the kuruma bullet proof. Thanks to Algonquin Hood to make this awesome car mod which you can get here: AND Thanks to emd-tvk to make this awesome armoured car mod which you can get here: Installation: Put the .net.dl & .inil file in the scripts folder. You can change the model name in the .ini file Changelog: v.2.0 -Bug fixes and more new features of the car. v.1.0 -Official Release. Dont rate low becoz : -of not exact features because i dont own gta v so i dont know. -And if doesnt works then contact me. -Simple mod Please Rate 10/10 Credits: Rugz007 : For Making the Scripts Algonquin Hood : For making the awesome car. emd-tvk: For making the awesome armoured car. Letsplayordy: For telling the actual features and being a good peron. Request More Scripts ^^ Thank You!