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Interactivity Mod 0.1 Beta

by odiomoratti


Category:Script Mods

Added:2013-01-18 09:01:31 -0800

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Interactivity Mod 0.1 Beta by odiomoratti Interact with people pressing Action. The development's taking a while, so i decided to share an incomplete beta. At the moment you can rob people, sell them drugs and offend them. In the next versions there will be more options. At the beginning you can buy drugs only from one dealer, but later you can unlock more of them. Every deal depends on the ped selected... for example you could easily sell drugs to a trump... but probably he'll ask you just few grams and so on... Tested on GTAIV patch with the last scripthook Fully compatible with xbox360 joypad. Upload where you want, just give credits.