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Ultimate Camera Control 1.0

by gtamchaos


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Added:2014-03-29 13:17:51 -0700

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The revolution starts today! A simple but powerful camera script, developed almost from scratch using some of the theCURSEDpie's old cam control script sources. This is considered to be the version 2.0 of his script, with some new features and bug-fixes. // FEATURES // - Hightly customizable .ini; - Supports almost all game versions; - Special camera modes; - Ability to control the ingame camera and your vehicle at the same time (goodbye videoeditor); - Ability to change the field of view (FOV); - Ability to change camera angle/position/speed; - You tell me... // CONTROLS // All keys can be changed in the .ini file. A full list of available keys can be found inside the Windows_Keys.pdf file. - F4 - enable/disable script; - Up Arrow - forward; - Down Arrow - backward; - Left Arrow - left; - Right Arrow - right; - Move camera - mouse; - Q - Move camera up; - E - Move camera down; - F5 - Increase FOV; - F6 - Decrease FOV; - F7 - Rotate camera (clockwise) - F8 - Rotate camera (counterclockwise) !!! Before installing this script, make sure to change the default keys (if you don't like them) // INSTALLATION // .Net Scripthook is required for this script to work. Just place "" and "UltimateCameraControl.ini" inside your "scripts" folder. // MANY THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE // - theCURSEDpie, for the original idea and sources; - Alex9581, for support, testing, screens and tips; - Orangebrains, for testing and tips.