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Throwing Knives

by InfamousSabre


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Added:2014-08-14 20:41:49 -0700

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Throwing Knives Version 1.4 ---------------------Description--------------------- I thought it was about time we had proper throwing knives in GTA IV. Features: -Use any knife as a throwing knife -Uses native throwing mechanics, so it should fit in with your usual play habits -Knives are lodged in their victim appropriately -Knives stuck in a victims's arm may make that arm difficult for them to use -Knives stuck in a victim's leg may cause them to stumble -To get a knife back, simply knock it off the victim and pick it up Usage: -Equip a knife, hold aim, press the Action key (Default 'E') to switch between melee-mode and throwing-mode. -If Quick Draw is enabled, pressing the '2' key (above 'W' key) will give you a fresh knife. -Type "tk_debug" in the console to enable/disable debug mode. Debug Mode: -States of each handled knife is shown on screen, as well as the states of any detected, incompatible game scripts. -Pressing the '2' key (above 'W' key) will give you a fresh knife. -The script will attempt to keep your victims from dying. If they are low on health, they may still die from the knife. ----------------------Changelog--------------------- v1.2: -Original Release v1.3: -Added settings file -Fixed 'E' key triggering taxi-hail v1.3.2 -Fixed knife collision with ped-owned vehicles -Fixed using throwing mode in subway v1.3.3 -Fixed inability to throw knife in cover v1.4 -Fixed SHDN errors -Added option to remove knives upon victim's death -Added option to use pickups instead of stealable objects --------------------Forum Thread-------------------