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Left 4 Liberty: Infection v4.1

by motorsport71


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Added:2011-05-09 20:23:53 -0700

Replaces:A Healthy, Happy City

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Changes in V4.1 Corrected Problems with "Zombies at Night" where zombies would jump out of vehicles at night and peds sometimes would not disable properly during daytime. Also corrected issue where "Fast Infected" during "Zombies at Night" wouldn't keep interest in player for long periods of time if player positioned himself on vehicle, dumpster, etc. Changes in V4.0 Added a new Scenario "Zombies at Night". Zombies only come out at night. During the day only stopped traffic and no pedestrians, unless you want to turn available option to on. If you turn them on, all will respond normal: cops, drivers, the game will be completely normal... until night. No pedestrians, just zombies. When they die they catch fire and combust into nothing. The same thing happens at sunrise. Outside bodyguards work now, i.e., Simple Native Trainer (SNT) The Weather Function has changed. It just randomizes weather. Press it until your hearts desire. If you want to listen to the radio you can toggle it back on. Added option to Forward Time one hour at a time. Incase you don't want to wait for "Zombies at Night" to come out. Zombies during standard Left 4 Liberty attack pedestrians way, way more efficiently. The way the player takes damage is improved. If he falls he can get back up. Removed the vehicle repair options. Changes in V3.0: Bodyguard spawning is now different. You can have 3 of either a random ped and / or NOOSE. You can also call upon the original three survivors as a group. Each ped / NOOSE has a chance to spawn with a random weapon designated to their class. NOOSE movement speed increased to meet "standard" pedestrian movement speed. Bodyguards have an "invincibility" option. Player can now become a member of NOOSE. DISMISSES any current bodyguards. When player stays "Niko", he gets standard weapons. When player becomes "NOOSE" member he gets different weapons. While Player is "NOOSE" his movement speed is increased to match standard "niko" speed. Zombies will Swarm Bodyguards. They thrash them around a bit. Non-NOOSE peds that drop will turn into zombies and come after you. Criminals is a little more fun. Zombies will attack them same as they attack bodyguards. Criminals in cars will now either do driveby's or stop and shoot at you. Traffic Breakdowns is a little more colorful. Explosions! Fast / Slow / Medium paced zombies - Can have slow+medium, medium+fast, or slow+medium+fast. Zombies "regenerate" now so don't take your time putting one down. "No Fly Zone" is on a toggle so you can fly a heli. No active police in city though. Changed it so vehicle lights work correctly during "Everybody's becoming a zombie" You are no longer safe just sitting in a vehicle. Some zombies will now pull you out. Damage indicator is no longer the screen "black out." Your character will get knocked off balance. If you get pushed over or fall you have two options... die, or call in the original three survivors. So pay attention to your health! ******************************************************************************** Now configure the Zombie Apocalypse... your way! Okay, here it is... Liberty city had been hit with an airborne virus that changed most people into Zombies. It was the beginning of the end... The city is in panic. Cops pulled out. Vehicles are running lights, crashing, running over pedestrians and zombies alike. Pile ups are frequent as well as vehicle breakdowns, tire blowouts, even car bombs. Traffic laws... huh, no such thing. As you run down the streets it's not uncommon to see several "Slow" infected "limping" along with slightly faster "hunched over" ones coming up on them. There are also "Runners." So there's Fire Ammunition. Yes, for the SMG and the Sniper Rifle you too can help kill them faster with the aid of fire. You begin your venture into survival well armed. Or you can use standard ammo for those weapons. Your choice. No it wouldn't be a true end of the world scenario without other armed civilians. Survivors, should you choose, can be called in. They'll have your back. And if you don't have a use for them anymore, tell them you don't need them. You can have a Group of Three - The hitman, the inmate, and the doctor. Or build a group. You can choose to have N.O.O.S.E or random pedestrians, up to 3. You yourself, should you choose, can now become one of Liberty City's Finest N.O.O.S.E Elite. Since the cops are trying to contain the infection to Liberty City, all boats have been damaged or disabled. Good thing you can now fix vehicles. But if you get into a chopper or a boat... You're wanted. And that's the only time. The cellphone towers are now out... noone is going to call you... ROMAN! BRUCIE! LITTLE JACOB! The radios are barely audible... How LONG do you WANT to survive the Liberty Infection? CONTROLS BY DEFAULT: F7: TOGGLES SCRIPT ON / OFF F4: TOGGLES 'ZOMBIES AT NIGHT ON/OFF. F7 MUST BE ACTIVATED FIRST. DELETE: TOGGLES WHETHER YOU HAVE "ZOMBIES AND PEDESTRIANS" ON THE STREETS OR "EVERYBODY'S TURNING INTO A ZOMBIE" PAGEUP: TOGGLES "DESTRUCTION OF TRAFFIC" WHICH CAUSES RANDOM VEHICLES TO BE FOUND DAMAGED, ON FIRE, OR BURNED UP CARCASES. I: TOGGLES SLOW ZOMBIES OR RUNNING ZOMBIES. YOUR CHOICE. //toggles between 'running" infected and 'slow' infected during 'Zombies at Night' F12: TOGGLE INCLUDES RUNNING ZOMBIES INTO SLOW ZOMBIE MODE, SLOW ZOMBIES INTO RUNNING ZOMBIE MODE. B: SPAWNS A GROUP OF 3 SURVIVORS (BODYGUARDS). A PRISONER WITH ASSAULT RIFLE, A DOCTOR WITH SHOTGUN, AND A MAFIA HITMAN WITH UZI. N: SPAWNS "RANDOM" BODYGUARD. CAN HAVE UP TO 3 TOTAL BODYGUARDS AT A TIME. F10: SPAWNS N.O.O.S.E BODYGUARD. CAN HAVE UP TO 3 TOTAL BODYGUARDS AT A TIME. F8: TOGGLE SURVIVOR/N.O.O.S.E INVINCIBILITY Y: DISBANDS ANY SURVIVORS (BODYGUARDS) IN YOUR GROUP F9: TOGGLE N.O.O.S.E SKIN - CHANGES PLAYER'S APPEARENCE TO LOOK LIKE NOOSE TEAM MEMBER PAGEDOWN: TOGGLES "CRIMINALS". RANDOM CRIMINALS WILL POP UP AND TAKE SHOTS AT YOU AND YOUR GROUP, AS WELL AS ZOMBIES. U: PEDESTRIAN DENSITY IS STANDARD BY DEFAULT. TOGGLE "U" TO SETS TO 2X //used to toggle pedestrians on/off during 'Zombies at Night' J: VEHICLE DENSITY - PRESS "J" TO TOGGLE VEHICLE DENSITY TO 2X, AGAIN BACK TO DEFAULT. O: REFILL HEALTH AND ARMOR. YOU HAVE TO HOLD THE KEY, A RED "+" APPEARS OVER THE PLAYER WHILE HEALING. K: FIRE BULLETS. SO MUCH FUN. TOGGLES THEM ON / OFF. WORKS FOR SMG AND SNIPER RIFLES ONLY. L: CARS BREAK DOWN IN TRAFFIC. IF YOU WANT TO STOP THAT, THIS WILL TOGGLE IT ON/OFF. M: TOGGLE HUD AND RADAR ON / OFF. F11: TOGGLES OFF / ON "NO FLY ZONE". TOGGLE OFF TO STOP STARS WHEN IN BOATS AND HELICOPTERS. G: Toggles Radio On / Off T: Fast Forwards Time One Hour