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Captain America IV

by Rugz007, Andromono Jumper & Julio NIB


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-12-26 00:40:05 -0800


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HELLO! After A long period i am uploading a mod! The CapIV MOD!!!!! History: The third of my modding life...i asked julio about making the capIV mod he said it was on his list. so i thought making it myself :P Installation: In Readme File Other Things : Q&A: Why SO less feautures ? A: Andromonojumper (animator) is on holiday so i did the mod with all animations i have Why JulioNIB in the authors? A: He helped me the most!!! Credits: Andromonojumper : For animations JulioNIB: Scripting Help! GTA4RMT : For Great Support Extreme Modder, Mora Hannover & gta4-modder : GREATEST SUPPORT Lordofbongs,Letsplayordy,Wiebrendh, leftas,hardstly1,stef.etc : MY TEACHERS THANK YOU PLEASE DONT RATE LOW FOR LESS FEATURES!