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Added:2012-07-04 06:58:09 -0700

Replaces:Linear time flow

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TimeGod - By Nixolas1 A mod which basicly gives you the ability to go back in time and retry stuff or fix mistakes. Features: -Seamless integration with game -Go about 1-2 minutes back in time (Fixed) -Records: on foot movement, car movement, rotation, health, velocity, wanted level, current weapon, ragdollness, -Can go back from death or arrest -Go back and forth in recording -Only records current ped/car. not anything else around. ---------------------------------- Usage: -Press F7 to enter time-control mode -Press Z or Left Arrow to go back in time, X or Right Arrow to go forwards again. -Press F7 or SpaceBar to resume playing from current time. Modify INI to fit your needs. ---------------------------------- Installation: -Put TimeGod.asi and TimeGod.ini in your GTA IV/EFLC main folder(where the .exe is) -If you dont have Scripthook, put that in there too. -Run launcheflc.exe or launchgtaiv.exe as admin ---------------------------------- Todo: -Record money, current animation. ---------------------------------- Fixed: -Full rotation -timeline bar -can not delete other stuff by touching them, while on foot -ini support ---------------------------------- Known bugs: -Car deletes other cars and peds if it touches them. -Sometimes dosnt ragdoll -Not rotations after resume _________ Source is in the download. ________ Please help me find more bugs, and give me suggestions on what else to record in the comments!