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Spawn Ladders and Wall Climb[Updated]

by matt19811


Category:Script Mods

Added:2012-02-22 10:25:48 -0800

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Simple little mod to spawn a ladder in front of you or a step shelf under your feet. Wall Climb objects already in world using the invisible ladder. Update Version 1.0 Fixed lag and added Alt modifier to reduce keys Controls Alt + H = Create a very short ladder Alt + J = Create a short ladder Alt + K = Create a tall ladder Alt + L = Create a very tall ladder Alt + I = Create a ridiculously tall ladder Alt + U = Create an invisible ladder to wall climb Alt + Y = Create a ladder to climb down(F stops slide) Alt + O = Create a ladder bridge Alt + P = Create a step shelf under your feet G = Delete last created object of any type T = Grab ledge Ladders are spawned in the direction you are facing To save an object, create a new object of the same type and delete it, since you can only delete the last object of any given type. To get off of a ladder before you reach it's top, use the T key to delete ladder and grap onto ledge. Or you can spawn a step shelf at desired height and hit the climb down key to stand. Then you can jump onto to the roof through the ladder. When sliding on the climb down ladder, press f stop sliding animation. This mod was made for 1.0.7 and goes in your gtaiv scripts folder. Requirements: Aru's ScriptHook version 0.5.1 -newest HazardX's .Net Script Hook v1.7.1.7 -newest Microsoft .NET Framework 4 -newest Xliveless version 0.999 -newest