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Undertaker service

by Cyron43


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Added:2013-06-02 15:23:22 -0700

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NOTE: I have retired from further developing and supporting this mod for the public. NOTE FOR PEOPLE WITH PROBLEMS: Most likely there went something wrong with the installation. Please read the guide carefully. Have fun and good bye. :-) V3.5.0 In case the undertaker gets stuck for more than 20 seconds he will teleport to the destination. V3.4.2 Increased stability and the undertaker is being released in case the vehicle gets destroyed. V 3.4.1 is available. Another attempt to increase the stability on ped spawning. Undertaker Service 3.4.0 is available. CHANGES: Modified the path to the configuration file. It's not Documents/GTA IV/ModSettings/UndertakerService anymore but Documents/GTA IV/ModSettings now. This has changed for all of my mods. So now you have all config files in a single folder now (ModSettings). Please read the guide for further installation instructions. V3.3.0 is available - Reduced the spawning radius of the undertaker. - Changed how the undertaker stops. It's looks more natural now. ------------------------------ I decided to post the latest updates here because I think not many people bother to scroll the comments all the way down. ------------------------------ With this little mod you can call an undertaker. Press u and he will drive to you and collect all dead bodies inside an adjustable perimeter.